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free pick up and delivery
free pick up and delivery

Green Village Cleaners is a green dry cleaning service with free pick & delivery based in Summit, NJ.

Getting Started:

Click here to fill out a form to start your service.  Green Village Cleaners will deliver a welcome package to your door with a laundry bag enclosed.

The Green Difference:

Green Village Cleaners is the only dry cleaner in the area that uses 100% Wet Cleaning. Wet Cleaning is a non-toxic, energy-efficient, water-based cleaning technology. Using this process, we gently wash your clothes with biodegradable soap and water. We take special care with the garments that you give us: each item takes one and a half times longer to process, compared with ordinary dry cleaning. We then expertly dry and press the items, to prevent them from being shrunk or reshaped. Unlike PERC dry cleaning, Wet Cleaning uses no hazardous chemicals. It is safe for the environment and for your body—even for children. And it leaves no harmful contaminants in the water or air, so you can breathe easy. In fact, Wet Cleaning is the only dry cleaning process recommended by the EPA.

How It Works

In the morning, place the green bag that we provide in a designated location outside your residence. Your clothes will be picked up, cleaned, pressed and delivered to your door. You pay by credit card. We customize our pick up and delivery arrangements to suit your needs.

Better For You

Our dry cleaning process is pure and gentle with no harsh chemicals for cleaner clothes that feel good. It's 100% odor free without that dry cleaning smell.